Holland Hoorn Camp August 2018

The 1st Grasby Scouts have been on their Holland Camp in August 2018.


More pictures will follow but please have a read of their short Blogs written bellow:



1stGrasby Scout Troop Summer Camp - Hoorn

The Wolves Newsletter - Monday 27thAugust 2018

On our first day in Hoorn, it was time to explore! After an unusually early start and some breakfast shopping, Wolf Patrol set off on foot. Their mission, to find out about the local area, specifically, the swimming pool. After a while we arrived at the pool after tackling some language barrier issues we came away with the answers to the following questions: -

How much a child/adult would cost?

What time it opened /shut?

How much a locker would cost?

After going to the pool, we set of to the beach but when we arrived we learnt it was shut as they were clearing up after festival that was held last weekend. Instead we headed off to the harbour, a really nice place. We met up with the other Patrols at a place called the old square. Here we had lunch and ate plenty of ice cream!

After lunch we began our walk through the town centre. Visiting every park on the way back to the hall where we found the others waiting outside without a key.




1stGrasby Scout Troop Summer Camp - Hoorn

The Stags Newsletter - Tuesday 28thAugust 2018


This morning we all stayed in bed!!! Until nearly 8 o’clock. When we got up we had the most amazing breakfast. 

To start of our day a leader from the other Dutch group and talked all about the history of Holland and their empire (Dutch east Indian company) 

In his talk he mentioned how Holland was formed by windmills pumping water out of the ground. This way Holland was constantly growing as more and more water was constantly being pump back out into the sea. Holland went from 11 provinces to 12 in 10 years, as recent technology has improved they have realised that each year Holland is sinking, every year Sicpol Airport sink by 1centremetre and on average the rest of Holland sinks by 1 millimetre each year which makes this the mostly constantly changing country as it is always on the move. 

In the evening we all went swimming and it was very fun. There was lots of splashing as people whizzed down the huge red slide and came out in to the foaming pool at the bottom.  And in the other pool people were flipping or bombing in to the 3-metre-deep Olympic sized swimming pool.


Tonight for tea we had a delicious Indian curry that had some decent rice for once



1stGrasby Scout Troop Summer Camp - Hoorn

The Eagles Newsletter - Wednesday 29thAugust 2018

Last night we met the Martin Luther King scout group and met some Dutch scouts. They taught us some Dutch campfire songs and some of their language. We played a Dutch game called Chika Do Do where the aim of the game was to lift someone in the air before they can run to the other side. After some drinks and food, we sat around the campfire and learnt some of their culture. 

Today we went to Amsterdam at nine o clock and we travelled by train for about 1 hour. When we arrived, we waited for a ferry across to the other half of Amsterdam and when we had boarded we took photos and soon after arriving we looked at an interesting art gallery where there was some cool architecture. We then returned to the ferry and we set off to Anne Frank’s house. The museum was very interesting and we all enjoyed learning about Anne Frank’s life and backstory.

 After nagging the leaders to take us to McDonalds they took us to the Amsterdam sign before being rained on and we then took shelter in McDonalds where some money went missing and some bellies got filled. We then ran to catch our train which we missed because of time wasting trip to McDonalds. So, we caught the next train back the hall where we ate pasta bolognese.

We then got ready for swimming. Only 16 decided to go swimming and so we had a good time in the pool. When it was getting late we got kicked out as it was closing time and so we walked back in the dark and rain and after arriving we soon got ready to write this page for the website. Thanks, Natalie and Fynn  😊 


1stGrasby Scout Troop Summer Camp - Hoorn

The Hawks Newsletter - Thursday 30thAugust 2018


Early Thursday morning we set off from Hoorn after being given Dutch bikes from a bike rental shop. The bike rental shop gave us enough bikes for all 27 of us and a good range of sized bikes for each person. We decided to split the scouts into two groups fast and slow, however both groups did well and went on a long ride. After a wobbly start, cycling came back to memory and we set off with a good start. 

We cycled for 20 miles against the edge of the sea and through little villages where the view was amazing and made the cycle ride enjoyable. Along the ride there were lots of different animals such as; many sheep filling the fields; horses being ridden; large goats and lots of little ducks. 

On the journey we stopped a couple of times to look at the great views. Most of the views were looking at the sea and waves crashing against the rocks or green fields filled with sheep. Other than being stung by nettles and getting wet feet, climbing down to the rocks was exhilarating and great fun being by the sea. 

On our bike ride we were very lucky with the weather as it was blue sky’s with white clouds filling the sky. Also the light breeze blowing past us kept us nice and cool. 

We travelled on roads where the bikes had their own bike lane, on grassy paths and paths next to the sea. The easiest one to ride on was on the paths next to sea as you could see the sea which took the effort of the cycle ride away. 

We were quite lucky as we didn’t have to carry much, we had a waterproof coat if it rained, lunch made by us and water to keep us hydrated. On the bike, at the back, there where three elastic strings where you could attach your bag to so most of us did that to keep the weight of our shoulders, which made the bike easier to ride.  



1stGrasby Scout Troop Summer Camp - Hoorn

The Leaders Newsletter - Friday 31stAugust 2018

Friday morning saw our latest start of the week. At 8:30 the scouts were all still snoring, and had to be woken for breakfast. With the washing up done we were ready to go. Because it was raining the programme was reversed and most of the group returned to the swimming pool for the third time this week. The slides, lazy river and jacuzzi were a big hit, and made sure that the scouts were clean for the journey home. Some of us went instead to investigate a local petting zoo and nature park.

Our planned picnic had to be cancelled and instead we returned to the scout hall to eat in the dry. It was the usual combination of cheese, ham or chocolate spread sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a muesli bar. 

In the afternoon the sun came out and so did we. We all walked to the petting zoo and adventure playground to explore and learn about some of the local wildlife. We were joined by three of the Dutch scouts who we had met at the campfire on Tuesday. The zoo had rabbits, pigs, chickens, sheep and the favourite of all – goats. One of the staff explained how all the goats were female, and the constant fighting and banging of heads that we saw was them sorting out who was boss. It also had a café. 

At 4.30 we returned to the hall. It was Wolf patrol’s turn to buy the food, so Emily, Maisie, Jess, Evie and Oliver made the trip to Lidl, where by now we were regular customers. The scouts were good at finding all the ingredients, loading the trolley and packing the bags. They just brought a leader along to pay the bill. 

Dinner was a barbecue, cooked on the fire and we were joined again by our three Dutch friends. 

Alice, Theo, Ben S and Charlie had the washing up to do for the last time and then there was free time. Some played outside while the light lasted, others chose cards or chatting in their rooms. 

This will be the last report from our summer camp. We hope it has given you a small taste of what we have done over the week. Not everything has gone according to plan (the sailing couldn’t take place) but other things have been a great success, especially the links with the Dutch troop and the friendships that have grown between the scouts. They have walked for miles, prepared meals and cleaned up afterwards and lived and worked as a team for the whole time we have been away. We have been tremendously impressed at how well they have looked after each other regardless of age and coped with a whole range of new situations with hardly a murmur. Although the idea of taking 22 youngsters abroad for a week using only public transport was daunting at first, the group that we took have made sure that it was a huge success.